Luong Bao Ngoc

Hi. I'm Ngoc Luong.

and I'm a web developer based in HCMC, Vietnam. I enjoy working with my clients closely to build a successful relationship, which enables me to create beautiful websites that you and your users will love...

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Working as both a designer and developer, I am able to provide clients and agencies a full range of services.
You can read more about the services that I offer below.


If you have a website layout designed in photoshop, I can help to convert it to web version by use HTML/CSS. Then you could have a best viewing for your website in a browser instead seeing it via image.

Content Management System

Take complete control of your content with a CMS such as Wordpress, Blogger, Joomla... So that you are easy to use and intuitive, ensures that your website is always kept up to date.

Web Development

From building pages from existing designs to building complex websites with PHP language, I have the necessary experience to ensure that the latest technologies are used to maximum effect.


I create an ecommerce system based on your requirements, ensuring that the resulting website is easy to manage, user friendly and tailored to the target audience.

Mobile Responsive

Respond to your customer expections and their mobile devices, providing the right information in the right format wherever they need it.

Search Engine Optimisation

All websites that I build are built with the latest search engine optimisation techniques. That will help your website across the search engines easily.

Featured Projects

Some awesome work makes clients happy.
Mỹ Phẩm Nổi Tiếng
This website is a simple ecommerce site, built by Wordpress. It just display product price and informations, don't have the shopping cart.
DCorp Global Co. Ltd.
It is a informative website for DCorp Global Co. Ltd. The main function of this website is introduce the company to their customers.
Kōdō | Scenting Your World
Just another infomative website, developed with PHP, MySQL, jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap.
Virbac Management Tool
This project is to build a web application to manage projects, dossiers and expense of Virbac Vietnam Co. Ltd.. Additionally, a vacation tool is also included in this project scope.
Techniques: PHP Yii Framework, Bootstrap is a service for great discounted deals on hotel and lodging and packages containing accommodation and on-site services.
Trexanh Spa
Tre Spa is a theme for blogger, using XML + CSS + Javascript.

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I’m always on the look out for new projects and challenges. I also welcome contract work. If you are interested in my skills and services please use my contact details or the button below to get in touch.

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